Is It Time To Buy Homes For The First Time?

These months have been a bit difficult for many Canadians due to the new coronavirus pandemic. It is a crisis that has affected not only Canada but the rest of the world, social distancing has affected the real estate market and the economy.

Although real estate is an essential service and continues to operate, it has had many changes that have affected the purchase and sale of properties. Depending on the state’s interventions and your financial situation, you will feel more confident about buying a property.

In recent months, the drop in real estate activity has been considerable. For March, the sales of living were few in all the cities of the country. The pandemic has led many real estate agents to reinvent themselves, and with the technology, they have made virtual tours in 3D or 360 degrees.

When there is a buyer interested in seeing the house, they take all security measures and social distancing for the care of all. They have also implemented electronic signatures, and to facilitate all transactions; they have remote closure.

If you are looking for a home to buy for the first time, you should know that it is good to enter the real estate market. Here are some options that can help all first-time buyers when it comes to buying a home:

The Bank of Canada lowers interest rates

The Bank of Canada has made changes and reduced interest rates in recent months due to the new coronavirus. The Canadian government made this decision to soften the economic blow caused by the pandemic.

The real estate industry is one of the largest sectors in the Canadian economy. This means that low rates can encourage many Canadians to buy a home.

For March, the Bank of Canada reduced interest rates from 1.75% to 1.25%, which meant activity in home purchases, especially in the most expensive places.

Beat market competition

Although COVID-19 meant a brake on the Canadian property market, it can also be a great advantage for first-time home buyers. You may find an offer right now to buy the home of your dreams.

If you want to buy a home, you can find your trusted real estate agent and connect digitally. You will have the opportunity to make a virtual offer and see the house from where you are thanks to technology.

This is a great opportunity for this real estate market because open houses are currently not available. If you like this technology, you can continue with your search for housing wherever you want.

Although the time seems strange to invest, you must take risks and decide to obtain your home wisely.

Economic fall? It should not be a problem

People who decide to buy a home right now do not have to worry about selling the one they had to finance the new one. If you have money saved as a cash advance, you should not have problems due to an economic recession.

If you have a stable job and can continue working and have financing, you can think about buying a home. Currently, you can be a first time home buyer and benefit from low-interest rates.

The pandemic and the difficult times should not mean that everything will be bad; you can think about buying your home and making a good investment. When everything returns to normal, the demand that existed before in the real estate market may return.


Are Vancouver Island Property Prices Going Down?

This year things have changed in the real estate market due to the COVID-19 pandemic on Vancouver Island. Previously spring in Vancouver was a good time for the region.

Since February, all the provinces of the country have implemented social distancing and protection measures. All of this limits real estate agents’ work, and home buying and selling have seen a decline.

All social distancing measures, quarantine, and the closure of businesses have had a strong impact on Canada’s economy and the world. Although the real estate market is considered an essential service and they can continue to operate despite the measures.

Despite continuing to operate, the real estate agents have taken the necessary measures for their protection, that of the buyers as well as other people. Thanks to technology, they have adapted virtual views in 3D or 360 degrees to show the houses.

When showing the house to close a business, they take all the necessary measures to guarantee their clients’ safety and themselves. They have also taken virtual signatures to avoid meetings and contagion.

In Vancouver, the presence of the new coronavirus has affected this market, but its effects were not seen at the moment. The Vancouver Real Estate Board reported that the pandemic had not had such a significant impact on the local market in March.

By March, the numbers had increased compared to the March 2019 figures. The list of single-family homes had also increased; experts considered this as a good sign.

Prices also maintained an increase compared to the prices of the same month last year; this increase was approximately 4%. But the consequences were slow to appear, and by April, everything was beginning to change due to the impact of the public health crisis.

The Strong Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On The Vancouver Property Market

In April, the real estate market in Vancouver had a decline related to the pandemic. This impact has been seen in almost all of Canada’s local markets since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The important thing is that it has not fallen to alarming levels, and already in May, the numbers of the expert organizations indicated that the market was recovering. In May, 245 single-family homes were sold in the Multiple Listing Service System. While in April, they sold 189, and in March-May 2019, the total amount of homes sold was 456.

Home Prices On Vancouver Island: Holding Steady

As mentioned above, prices in the real estate market have been able to stay on Vancouver Island. The price of a single-family home for April was $ 528,800. This means an increase of 3% compared to the price of the same month last year.

For many experts, as social distancing measures are lifted, and the economy begins to function, there will be an increase in this market. Accumulated demand will continue and return to the local market, with many buyers wanting to take advantage of low-interest rates.

Specialists in the real estate market have also stated that as demand increases, house prices may rise.

The Government has been very cautious in lifting the blockade measures to avoid an increase in those infected by the pandemic. But they have been gradually lifting measures, and it is already notable in inventories and housing offerings on Vancouver Island.


Get to know Edmonton and know how good it is to invest in real estate

With the COVID-19 problem, the economy has been affected, but the impact has been greater in some places. Edmonton is a city in Canada that has economic and mortgage slumps in recent years. With the fall of the Coronavirus in the world, the last income of the Edmonton community fell to the lowest point.

Edmonton’s fall did not mean the end for this city; on the contrary, real estate investors took advantage of it. Investors take the low-value homes in the community, remodel, and double or triple their original price. Property prices range from $ 15,000 to $ 30,000, a very low value for such a distinguished community.

Many millennials take Edmonton as Canada’s city that will rise from the ashes after all these COVID problems. For those new homeowners like you, it is preferable to invest in Edmonton than in any other Canadian community. You should invest in these old houses in the community, but in the future, your property’s value will go up.

When things go down, they have to go up again, and a clear example will be the Edmonton economy in the future. The financial and migration problems of its inhabitants were due to unemployment rates that reached 90%.

At least 8 out of 10 employees at Edmonton companies were laid off in 2019 for a lack of raw materials. With the COVID-19, a small number of employees were cut in half, and with that, another wave of migration occurred.

Edmonton had gone through ups and downs, when its economy recovered, COVID-19 came and took progress away from it. By the beginning of 2020, millennials or the new generation bought at least 50% of real estate. Edmonton had and continues to have the lowest price on real estate compared to the nearby British Columbia community.

What will happen to Edmonton’s real estate?

If you buy a house in Edmonton for this year, you shouldn’t worry and rather be glad that you made money. All those real estates that millennials left their savings in are well protected in the community. When the virus evaporates, they will be able to continue with their investment and completely redesign their new home.

If you have not yet invested in real estate in the Canadian Edmonton community, it is time to do so. You should not purchase an expense, but as an investment for the future, this community has many potentials. The community has good security, landscapes, and companies emerging from below; everything is available to you.

Take advantage before all real estate agencies see the future of Edmonton and remodel homes to benefit. If an outside investor finds out about Edmonton’s rough diamond without hesitation, he will want to give money to the houses. You must get ahead of all these people and be the millennials I buy at the right time.

In the future, Edmonton promises to reopen its companies to give a stable economy within the community. Currently, 70% of homes in the Canadian city are abandoned, but with the departure of COVID-19, that will change. You can buy the best single-family homes or mini-apartments that will serve you well in your life.

If you want to spend money on the best real estate, buy an old house with a lot of lands to explore. The community’s old houses exceed 100 acres where you can build an all-inclusive palace. Make your dream come true in Edmonton to feel free to invest in Canada’s best community.


How Is The Process Of Closing A Home In The Current Situation?

For many people, these past few months have been complicated and full of mixed emotions. Due to the arrival of the coronavirus, many people have been affected both personally and at work. The way we live and how society works have also been affected by the pandemic.

No one knows when the world will return to normal, although the real estate market continues to persist despite social distancing measures. The real estate industry is an essential service, but it is necessary to have buyers and sellers of houses and properties to operate.

Real estate agents have taken security measures to protect themselves from the pandemic and prevent the virus from spreading. Among them is the remote closure to complete the sale of the house. In recent years, digital closure has been increasing, and many agents have relied on it.

The Original Process To Close A House

The property closure process consists of many mobile aspects that require some creativity to operate with social distancing measures. The government continues to support the real estate market because it boosts the economy.

This government support results in lawyers, real estate agents and lenders continuing in this business.. So it would help if you did not worry about this issue because when the closing date is close, you will be able to finish your business without any problem.

Homebuyers And Sellers

You can get a home inspection

To complete the closing process, a home inspection is always essential. The real estate agent, along with the buyer, completes this step together, but with social distancing measures, they must find another inspection method.

If sellers agree to have agents inspect your home, they must comply with new protection regulations such as face masks, hazardous materials suits, respirators, etc. When all this is ready, the agent can share with the buyer using the technology to make the virtual visit through a video conference.

There are situations when buyers can forgo this video conference and close the home, although this can be risky because the house may need repairs that you do not know and should know before the closing process.

Final tutorial of the new house

Having the route of a new home is extremely important. So you can know that everything is in order and good condition before signing for the offer. Due to the pandemic, other measures are used so that buyers can make the journey of their new home.

Buyers can speak to the seller for a private tour of the home; in this case, they can leave the key safely. Thus the buyer can enter the house to complete the final tour. You should wear a mask and gloves to avoid contagion for both you and the vendors.

Title review and title insurance

Your lawyer will be in charge of reviewing the title of the house; this is the transfer of property between the buyer and the seller. You must do the search process to verify that there are no obstacles that could affect the sale.

Among the problems that may arise are: pending mortgage payments, zoning problems, etc.

Exchange of funds

All parties can receive the necessary payments within the closing process period.

Get the keys

The last part of the process of closing a home is obtaining the keys. Right now, this is a difficult process due to physical distancing. You can ask your agent for advice on how your closing process will be.


How much does a Windsor real estate agent earn?

Do you want to know how much a real estate agent earns in Windsor? Experts have used statistics from recognized name organizations from 2015 to November 2016. These statistics revealed the following:

Of the more than 42,000 agents in Windsor:

  • 20% of registered agents did not sell houses in that period.
  • 52% of the agents were able to sell between 1 and 5 homes in the year.
  • 14% of the agents were able to sell between 6 and 11 houses.
  • 10% of the agents managed to sell between 12 and 23 homes.
  • 2.5% of the agents managed to sell between 24 and 49 houses.
  • 0.4% of agents were able to sell 50 to 99 homes.
  • 0.1% (61 agents) sold approximately 100 houses.
  • The breakdown of a real estate agent’s income

The price of a house in GTA for November was $ 776,684. There are many types of real estate commissions in Windsor. For example, the experts used a commission of 2.5% for the agent of the seller and a commission of 2.5% for the agent of the buyer.

• $ 776,684 x ​​2.5% = $ 19,417 (average commission).

Brokerage Division

In Windsor, real estate agents are legally required to work for a brokerage. Generally, brokers have many legal obligations such as supervising agents, maintaining trust accounts for buyer’s deposits, providing different services such as (design, reception, administration, marketing, exhibitions, and training).

Real estate agents must give a part of their commission to the broker, and this can be from $ 300 for each fee up to 30% of said commission. Other brokerage houses also have a commission for “Desktop Fee,” monthly, and agents must pay it whether they sell something or not in the month.

Many agents comment that between 15 and 20% of their income is normally paid to their brokerage. If we continue with the previous example, it would be that between $ 2,900 – $ 3,825 are paid to brokers by real estate agents.

Real estate expenses

An average real estate agent can spend 20-30% of her income on expenses alone. Which include:

• Auto, insurance, parking, gasoline, etc.

• Real estate fees

• Insurance

• Internet, telephone and data

• Laptop and tablet

• Home office, includes office supplies, tools, and systems

• Marketing (video, online, offline, postcards, photography, printing, billboards, customer events, postal gifts, etc.)

• Full-time or contract virtual administrative assistance

• Education (conferences, continuing education)


Another important point that cannot be left out when reviewing how much an agent earns is taxes. Windsor real estate brokers cannot join unless they have an under-brokerage.

This implies tax rates would be the same as for a person who is regularly employed. Between 25 and 30% of the income is destined to taxes.

The maths

When calculating the income of an average agent in Windsor who manages to sell six houses a year, with a $ 776,684, it would be:

Gross income: $ 116,502

Broker fees: $ 17,475 (15%)

Expenses: $ 23,300 (20%)

Taxes: $ 32,620 (28%)

Net income: $ 43,107

As you can see, it is also not such a glamorous amount with most people thinking. Although the main agents, if they can earn a lot of money, there are always expenses that must be taken into account, which happens in all businesses.


Learn How Much The Canadian Real Estate Business Has Been Affected By Covid-19

While the coronavirus has affected everyone equally, the Canadian real estate market has undergone major changes. Canada is identified for having beautiful houses within the different communities within the country, very attractive to millennials like you. Before the arrival of the Covid-19, real estate in Canada was in full swing, but everything changed when the first contagions began.

In Canada, real estate agents had two options to prevail in the market: either stop working or apply new measures. Technically, 3 out of 10 Canadians live on real estate taking employment as a great entrepreneurship opportunity. Canada has gone from being a tourist country to a place of stay and investment for real estate throughout its territory.

Canada’s appeal to real estate is because its acquisition price is so low, and you can earn so much. If you have plans to move to Canada, you should know that the houses are very cheap and have many special features. The money is in Canada and with this real estate business that works amid the crisis.

Real estate agents in the Canadian territory have not stopped working even though the Covid-19 has devastated many citizens. Real estate workers adapted to the situation by taking extraordinary measures to run their service. Real estate is a business defined by the view of physical houses, and the option of photographs or videos is not very attractive to clients.

Many potential Canadian property buyers have experienced digital home tours to prevent the spread of the virus. Although it is the safest option to keep the business afloat, it is not the most attractive among customers. A digital tour does not give you the freedom to take the texture of the floor or see the entire size of the home to buy.

These Are The Steps Real Estate Agents Have Taken

The digital tour is still available to buyers even though it is not the most attractive option for the real estate business. If you want to buy a house in Canada, you can request it online or request a traditional tour. Real estate agents implemented new rules to keep the business afloat even though COVID-19 is not yet controlled.

Among the safety and security measures by the Covid-19 real estate agents do the following:

  • For you to see the property, you have to get in your car.
  • In the house requesting the tour you will not be able to touch any object, it will be indicated to the real estate agent to verify that it works. In this case, the policy of agents in “free contact” for clients on the tour of the property is excluded.
  • You cannot reach the children on your home tour to buy, avoid arriving more than one family member for your appointment with the agent.
  • The use of elevators with the agent is eliminated, stairs will be used to go up the building levels with prior distance.
  • To have an appointment, you need to wear masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing is essential, avoid being close to the agent for more than 3 meters.

They are simple steps so that COVID-19 protects both you and the real estate agent. With these precautions, the Canadian real estate business is physically available to you. You should not forget that you have the digital route at your disposal if you want to increase your physical protection against this deadly virus.


Learn About New Trends In Real Estate Prices In Canada

According to the latest CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) report in April 2020, Canadian real estate markets suffered a decrease in sales compared to March.

Real estate sales decreased

In the months mentioned above, real estate in Canada decreased 56.8% due to the measures implemented by the pandemic that we are currently experiencing.

The real estate market was preparing to adapt new technologies, but the pandemic crisis caused many buyers and sellers to suspend their move plans.

Due to the events that have affected us as a society worldwide, many people wonder how the real estate market affected in the days of COVID-19. The world has changed a lot in these last months, and although humanity has survived other crises such as natural disasters, the crash of the stock market, and the wars between other pandemics have never been as strong as this one.

Many people want to buy a property but are wondering if this is a good time to do so, since the interests of the mortgage loans decreased.
Banks became much more strict when it came to approving a loan as interest rates drop.

Due to this insecurity, the banks do not know if the buyer will be able to continue paying the mortgage or remove him from his job.
Many people think that buying a home is an extremely important and personal decision.

Is it a good time to buy a house?

You must analyze your job and financial stability before making the decision. If we talk about interest for some, it may be convenient since you can have a lower payment while you pay your loan, and you can save.

But if we look at the other side, it is unknown how long this crisis will last and the future consequences on their income.
This time, uncertainty is part of this process. Many people have lost their jobs, others have received unpaid leave, while those who still work live day by day, even wondering if they will ever be affected and in what way.

All home real estate that is sold monthly fell in the Canadian property markets; this includes important sectors such as Montreal with -65.4%, Edmonton with -47.6%, Vancouver with -58.9%, and the Greater Toronto Area with -67.2%.

The Use of technology

This not to mention the losses compared to last year, exactly comparing the current figures with those of April 2019, the transactions decreased by 58.6%, being the lowest total sales since 1984.

There has been an excessive increase when using technology to reach agreements online in the last days because people needed to continue buying or selling.


In April, national sales of homes and new listings decreased by 63.4% compared to its previous two months. Although a small decrease has been seen, this measure of market equilibrium changed remarkably as the current economic conditions affect sellers and buyers.

New prices

This pandemic affected the property prices in the same way; year after year, it has decreased by 1.4%, reaching $ 489,000.
It is important to mention that this number belongs to ​​Vancouver and Toronto; these are the most recurring and most valuable markets in Canada.


Edmonton: One Of The Cities Most Affected In The Real Estate Market By COVID-19

Sometimes people need to search online any information regarding a real estate agent, either to sell any property that they have or otherwise sell it to buy another better.

Due to the global pandemic that we are currently experiencing, many markets that are dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate have had a considerable drop in their income.

Alberta’s oil and gas sectors have dealt with the consequences of the drop in oil prices; this has had a great impact on the province’s economy and real estate markets.

Due to this reason, these real estate markets have been largely affected by the public health crisis known as COVID-19, since before the pandemic, they were trying to recover due to a fall in the market.

Since 2018 Edmonton’s average sales prices have been steadily decreasing This is because the city is dealing with an economic recession, resulting in decreased activity in the city real estate market. It should be noted that this generates controversy in the price of local real estate since many consider it undervalued.

In 2020, the Edmonton market’s city looked promising; increased sales gave us that confidence to believe that in the spring, we would have a healthy real estate market. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this perspective has radically changed, due to the suspension of all these procedures that we have with consumers.

Edmonton A Buyers Market

Before delving into the activities within this market, we must understand the existing dynamics in it. This market has been trending for years, thanks to its annual sales and lower average prices.

At the beginning of this year, its market was finally showing improvements, as tourists began to arrive in the city buying their houses for the first time. Thanks to this, all our buyers will have a wide variety of homes that fit their budget, this will undoubtedly continue to attract investors and buyers.

Pricing Activity Within The Edmonton Market

The average price level of all Edmonton homes has been declining in recent years; the pandemic we are currently experiencing has made this decline noticeable.

However we can notice an improvement, in April our average residential price increased by 2.8%, compared to exactly a year ago it is still a deterioration. But any increase will be welcome as a good sign within this great market.

Optimism With The Edmonton Real Estate Market

Despite the large drop in the market, Edmonton remains optimistic due to its promising future. It is important to note that before the crisis, we experienced an increase in investors within the city.

Because Edmonton is one of the most accessible cities, as long as prices stay low, this will certainly attract investors looking for a good deal. It is important to highlight that the Alberta government announced that the province began a plan to implement in several stages.

It is planned to open the shopping centers in May, although public meetings will be limited. If there are no problems and those infected continue to decline, it is expected that the economy of the province will recover for the summer.


Will Toronto real estate prices fall due to the coronavirus?

The coronavirus outbreak turned the world upside down, affecting all countries equally and causing quite a stir on the planet. On a smaller scale, it has changed people’s daily lives, but on a larger scale, it has collapsed the world economy, causing companies to face extreme challenges to survive.

The real estate market may not see the consequences of the virus immediately. This does not mean that Toronto property prices may suffer a drastic drop, although that remains to be seen.

The rampant effects of the pandemic have caused the loss of jobs and sharp falls on the stock market, making a slowdown in the real estate market possible.

Some factors may determine how Toronto real estate prices will be affected by the coronavirus:

The Real Estate Industry Continues To Operate

The provincial government in Ontario announced that essential services might continue to operate during the corona virus pandemic. These include land registration services, moving services and real estate offices.

Other essential services required to buy and sell a home include financial institutions and law firms that continue to provide their services.

One of the big problems may be the shortage of resources to buy or sell a house, but it can be solved. Buyers and sellers will have the support of their financial entities or jobs to solve this problem.

This will help demand continue on its current path, thus helping the real estate market not to decline at any time. If there is a slowdown in the market, the seller can stop the action and wait for the COVID 19 pandemic to pass.

The Duration Of The Pandemic

The Toronto, real estate market will reflect a drop in sales if current social distancing measures continue for an extended period. The uncertainty currently causing the pandemic may lead some people to give up buying houses.

Investments have lost value, and jobs have been lost in certain industries. These are factors that could limit people’s financial power, therefore reducing the demand for housing.

Lower interest rates

Toronto property prices are unlikely to fall unless sellers are upset by selling now and cannot wait for the pandemic to end. For their part, buyers increase their savings by taking advantage of the low-interest rates that banks currently have.

An example is the Bank of Canada that, due to the pandemic, announced a decrease in its reference interest rate, leaving the current rate at 0.25%. Buyers take advantage of this to ask for money used to pay lower interest mortgages over time.

The Canadian government is also quickly taking steps to help lessen the risks, with various benefits that will help companies avoid exemptions and keep their employees on the payroll.

Real estate agents are using technology to adapt

Before the entire pandemic, the real estate industry created policies to help buyers feel more comfortable and secure when visiting potential homes. These were to disinfect doorknobs, countertops, and other high contact areas before and after each open door visit.

Then the severity of the problem developed quickly, causing the Ontario Real Estate Board (OREA) to suspend visits.

Technology has been of great help at this time, facilitating the purchase and sale of real estate, thus limiting contact between people; this means that there is no need for sellers to lower their prices.

There are tools available that lead people to search for houses online, go through it, and then use electronic signatures in the purchase-sale document. The entire process has led agents to use Zoom or similar platforms.

With these platforms, cancelled open doors are no longer a problem and a possible market crash using technology to help buy houses without the need for essential physical contact.

This trend can continue, preventing sellers from lowering their home prices or withdrawing their listings from the market. Additional measures to protect home buyers and sellers include business agents facilitating the process of this purchase via the Internet, without any complications.

The possibility that the Toronto real estate market is affected by the coronavirus pandemic is not ruled out. This is why real estate agents use technology to mitigate this impact and thus help solve the crisis.


Toronto And Real Estate During The Pandemic

The real estate market in the city of Toronto at the beginning of the years was recovering from the fall it suffered during 2019. With the arrival of the pandemic by COVID-19, the entire market was paralyzed, obeying social distancing measures, and making it impossible to show homes.

In Toronto, the biggest concern of buyers is the low number of homes that the market presents and how expensive it can be. This worries retired people like Baby Boomers looking for luxury or people with children who need a no-frills home.

The best neighborhoods to buy homes in Toronto

  • Kensington Market
  • Corktown
  • Bay Street Corridor
  • Alexandra Park
  • Chinatown
  • Danforth
  • Grange Park
  • West Don Lands
  • North Riverdale
  • Summerhill

The Cheapest Neighborhoods In Toronto

The cheapest neighborhoods within the city of Toronto are usually:

  • East York and
  • The Junction
  • Trinity Bellwoods

They are the most promising in the city, with beautiful and safe neighborhoods. One of the most sought-after neighborhoods on the market is East York for several years, as it provides a family atmosphere in addition to being close to the city.

For its part, Trinity-Bellwood’s and The Junction, thanks to the bicycle lanes, as well as roadways, these neighborhoods have begun to attract market attention, in addition to having nearby, gyms, bars, restaurants, and retail stores owned by nearby owners.

Toronto’s Future

Due to improvements in business, Toronto is expected to continue to grow and its population. This causes the houses that already exist in Toronto to undergo remodeling, to expand them, and to accommodate more people, be they families or rentals.

The most populous city in Canada is Toronto, as well as the capital of Ontario, a spectacular province. This attracts many buyers’ attention since the greatest demand and best job offers are found in this beautiful city.

Toronto is located within the coast of Lake Ontario, which gives it some spectacular landscapes for nature lovers. Also, Toronto has an urban centre, the central nucleus of the city and the so-called “Great Toronto area,”

This area has a great diversity of urban as well as suburban centers. This is one of the cities with the greatest culture in the world, where the most important business centers are developed, as well as art and diversity.

Do You Want To Live In Canada?

When it comes to habitability, this refers to the quality of life at the local level that the city can offer, and Toronto has a great dynamism within its neighborhood. The lack of this stops attracting the buyer’s attention and implies a great impact on the business.

The pandemic will affect the lives of everyone, leading to perennial social isolation; it is something that, unfortunately, must be lived with. But the civility and friendliness of Canadians will always be present, to give new residents a helping hand during adaptation.

That is why moving to the city of Toronto will be an excellent option for any buyer, because they will have a friendly hand to help them in the adaptation process. It is a quality that characterizes the Canadian citizen and is people who respect and go hand in hand with Canadian law.